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I offer two types of web design: HTML and WordPress.

HTML websites are the traditional style of website that can be custom designed to suit your needs. These sites are generally maintained by a Web Designer/Master. They can include Flash, Graphics (vector drawings which can be resized smaller or larger than the original artwork and still retain their detail as well as photos, illustrations or any other picture), Javascript, PHP, CSS and other forms of coding.

See Examples of my HTML Websites.

WordPress is an open source software.  Open source means that the coding for the software has been created by many people and is available for free.  There is no technical support for open source software per se.  There are only forums where you can search or ask for answers.  WordPress has been around for years.  It has tons of capabilities and is stable.

WordPress offers “themes” for websites that change the look and layout.  It also offers plugins which change the capabilities of the site.  WordPress was originally made for blogging but is so adaptable that it can virtually do anything a user needs.  This site is USER FRIENDLY.  If you are an average computer user comfortable with using a word processing program (like Microsoft Word), you can use WordPress.  I include instructions within your WordPress website that explains how to do basic tasks like adding a page, uploading photos and blogging.

With a WordPress site, you are given a website that has been designed to your tastes and set up with a user name and password just for you.  Included is the home page, contact page and basic Search Engine Optimization to help your site be found on Google

See Examples of my WordPress Websites.

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