Using Dynamic Content Gallery to display Events from All In One Event Calendar


Do not put DATES as text in the event description.  You may reuse the events or the event may be recurring.  The actual date is entered in a separate window below.

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to the end of your url (ex.

Hit Enter on keyboard

Click on Events

Add a New Event


Use an old Event with “Draft” written next to the title

 Fill Out the needed fields

 Make a Repeating Event

 Upload a Picture

 Add a Picture from your computer

Check that the Image does

1. not contain a Link,

2. is Right-Aligned,

3. is Full Sized,

4. and Insert Into Post



Check “Events” button under Categories



Plugins Used In This Tutorial:

  • Dynamic Content Gallery
  • Resize At Upload Plus
  • All-In-One Event Calendar
    1. This first video is how to check that your settings in Resize At Upload Plus match your Dynamic Content Gallery image sizes.
    2. Add an event with All-In-One Event Calendar which will be displayed in your “rotating pictures” with your Dynamic Content Gallery.
      Watch on YouTube for a clearer video. VIDEO

      1. Add the title
      2. Add a picture
        1. Upload
        2. Copy the file location
        3. Add Keywords for Google
        4. Insert into post (choose right-align and full-size image)
      3. Paste the file location (url) into the Dynamic Content Gallery Image Url
      4. Choose the Date and Time
      5. Give the Post an Expiration Date (UNLESS it is recurring)
      6. Select the Category (Events)
      7. Publish or Update (save)

WordPress Image Resize Max Width and Max Height

WordPress Plugin Resize Image at Upload / Upload Image Resizer / Image Max Height and Image Max Width

I have found another plugin to add to my list of standard plugin installs for WordPress websites.  Resize At Upload Plus takes care of image upload resizing for adding images to your Dynamic Content Gallery.

Find your current Dynamic Content Gallery WIDTH and HEIGHT for images at the Gallery CSS Tab under Settings/Dynamic Content Gallery.

Install the plugin.

Go to Settings/Resize At Upload Plus.

Add your current DCG width and height, then SAVE.

Then upload an image/photo in any page or post and the  picture will have uploaded at your maximum selected size.

Don’t forget, if you’re using this plugin for your Dynamic Content Gallery, clear your Resize At Upload Plus settings after you add your photos.  You may need to add other photos later at a larger size.

Dynamic Content Gallery Configuration

Settings for adding the Dynamic Content Gallery to your homepage within WordPress using the Atahualpa theme.

Before you start, Add a Category of “Photos”

Click on Posts in your Dashboard, then Categories.  Under Add New Category / , type Photos and the same for the “slug” but in lowercase.  Then Save

Now you must make at least one post to this category for the category to show up in the Gallery Method Tab.

Go to Settings/Dynamic Content Gallery then use the tabs:

Javascript Options Tab:

Select Javascript framework (OPTIONAL):

          Use jQuery script. Select this option in the event of javascript conflicts with other plugins.

I have found that there is always a conflict with one of my photo plugins so I always do this first!

UN-CHECK This Option:

Show Carousel:
Check the box to display thumbnail Carousel. Default is CHECKED.

The above is a little title in the upper portion of the photo slideshow that is just a little ugly and unneeded.

Save Changes

Image Management Tab:

Check the Radio Button for

DCG Metabox requires the Image URL in this format:
Select this option if you want complete freedom to reference images anywhere in your site and in multiple locations.

Check the Radio Button for:

Complete freedom to select up to 9 images from a mix of categories. Set up the relevant options in MULTI OPTION Settings

 Save Changes

 Descriptions Tab:

The default of “manual” is fine here.  No changes needed.

Gallery CSS Tab:

Gallery size and CSS options (jQuery):

Depending on the size of your original photos, you may need to resize your photos to a smaller size.  The options listed here are vast and require a little knowledge of html or CSS.

Other Tabs:

The other tabs can be left in default states.

Dynamic Content Gallery – Where to put your plugin code in Atahualpa

While Dynamic Content Gallery is a beautiful and functional addition to your website, it requires more than just activating a plugin.  If you are using Atahualpa, you need to place code into the index.php file found under “Appearance”, “Editor” and looking on the right hand side while in the editor, find “Main Index Template” that will have a subtitle “index.php”.  Here is how you can add Dynamic Content Gallery to your Home (Front) Page.  This works when you have told WordPress to use a “Static Page” as your “Front Page” under “Settings” and “Reading”.

Here is the first part of my “Main Index Template/index.php” (Dynamic Content Gallery Code in Bold):

list($bfa_ata, $cols, $left_col, $left_col2, $right_col, $right_col2, $bfa_ata[‘h_blogtitle’], $bfa_ata[‘h_posttitle’]) = bfa_get_options();

<?php /* If there are any posts: */
if (have_posts()) : $bfa_ata[‘postcount’] = 0; /* Postcount needed for option “XX first posts full posts, rest excerpts” */ ?>

<?php if( is_front_page() ) {
} ?>

<?php // Deactivated since 3.6.5
# include ‘bfa://content_above_loop’;
// Uses the following static code instead: ?>
<?php bfa_next_previous_page_links(‘Top’); // For MULTI post pages if activated at ATO -> Next/Previous Navigation:  ?>

Dynamic Content Gallery and Atahualpa

I just got the Dynamic Content Gallery Plugin to work with Atahualpa373. I had a conflict with the Lightbox Plugin and before the plugin was disabled, only a black box and “loading” image appeared. I used the php code for the gallery in Atahualpa’s index.php file and copied it directly after this code…

if (have_posts()) : $bfa_ata[‘postcount’] = 0; /* Postcount needed for option “XX first posts full posts, rest excerpts” */ ?>

Leave “Show Carousel” unchecked to leave the upper right-hand Title of the images out of the rotating images.

It is the best photo scrolling plugin I’ve seen for showing ONLY up to 9 photos. It can be resized to span your full website body and included on the homepage (this is where I have experimented) to act as a flash”y”, professional design. Enjoy!

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