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Uploading Images (using Lightbox Plugin)

Editing the page where you want to upload an image, place your cursor in the spot where you want your image to be placed.
Click on first button to the right of “Upload/Insert” (above grey bar)
In the window that appears, click “Select Files” Button (Tab: From Computer) and browse to your image(s), select the ones you want (click and hold down your CTRL button  and click open. The image is uploaded and a the window expands to allow you to add Titles, Descriptions and Captions (All help your SEO)
Choose the alignment of your image (radio buttons) and the Size (radio buttons).
If you are only inserting one image, click “Insert into Post” button, and if you want to showcase a gallery of images, click the “Save all changes” button and click on another tab at the top (a little glitch that may be fixed soon). A new tab will appear showing “Gallery(x)” and the number of images you have uploaded. Scroll down to the bottom of that tab to see “Gallery Settings”
Link thumbnails to “Image File” for the Lightbox effect (screen darkens and image expands). Arrange your images by “menu order” if you have placed numbers in the boxes above next to “Show”.
Expand “Show” if you need to edit any photo titles, etc. SAVE ALL CHANGES AND UPDATE GALLERY SETTINGS.

(I don’t use NextGEN Plugin anymore but here are instructions)

IMAGES:  Using the NextGEN plugin to make automatic image enlargement upon clicking image.

Upload images that are 5″ x 7″ or smaller at 72dpi.  If you do not have an image resizer tool on your computer, you can download Gimp for free.

Uploading images in the order you wish them to be seen in a slideshow is a good idea!

Go to Gallery on the left side menu.

Add Gallery/Images

Select the Add New Gallery TAB

In the text box, add a name for your new gallery (can be the name of the single photo)

Select the Upload Images TAB

In the drop-down menu, choose the gallery

Browse to the picture in your computer ( 5 x 7 or smaller) and select it to upload.  Then click Upload Images.

In the Page or Post where you want to place the picture, look for the Upload/Insert text ABOVE THE GREY BAR.  The first icon, a box outline with a grey box in the center, can be clicked to add an image.

Select the NextGEN Gallery TAB

From the drop-down menu, select the correct gallery.  Press SELECT

To the right of the image you want to place, select SHOW

In the Alt/Title text, add a short description of the image (this is great for search engines).  You can also give the image a longer description underneath.

For size, select Singlepic by clicking the radio button.

Click Insert Into Post, just beneath the radio buttons

Changing the width and height of the image shown:

Within the code that is inserted into the page or post, you will see w=xxx and h=xxx.  These are the width and height of the picture that people will see before they click on

the pciture.  You can change these values but remember to add or subtract the same amount from each to keep proportions.  (if you subtract 40 from the width, subtract

40 from the height as well)

Centering Photos:

To center a photo on the horizontal plane, look at the html view of your page, find the image and add “aligncenter” to the class styling…

<img”>aligncenter” src=”” alt=”boat-002″ width=”270″ height=”340″ />


Add an Image Browser: (this will show one image at a time with arrows underneath to go forward and backwards)

Use the NextGEN icon at the end of the first row in the grey bar. (you must be using the Visual TAB to see this icon)

Select a gallery from the drop-down menu.

Click the radio button next to “Imagebrowser”

Click “Insert”

If your images are not showing up in the order you want, you can change them under the Gallery Menu on the left.  Click on Manage Gallery. Choose the correct gallery that you want to sort.  Above the thumbnails (small pictures) in your gallery, you’ll find a “Sort gallery” button.  Click the button to be taken to another window where you will see options for sorting.  Use Ascending if you uploaded your images in the order you wished them to be seen.  The image id is the number given to the picture by NextGEN when you uploaded the image.   If you did not upload them in the correct order, go back a page by pressing your browser’s back button and add numbers at the beginning of your Alt & Title Text / Description” in the correct order.  Click Sort gallery again and choose “Alt/Title text”.


Using Filezilla to upload a zip file into NextGEN Gallery

Make a folder called “images” in your files associated with your website.  This is now a blank folder named images.

Find a folder of pictures that you want to upload by browsing through your documents on your start menu. When you see the folder, right-click on it and select “Send To”, then select “.zip file”.  A new file should appear in the same location where you found your images folder that now has the .zip extension.

If you have to, open up another “My Documents” window, and place the new .zip file in the “images” folder you just created.

Upload, using Filezilla, the “images” folder that now contains your .zip file to your root folder (where you see wp-content, wp-admin and such) in your website.

Now go to your website dashboard and look at the bottom of the menu on the left-hand side to find Gallery.  Click on Gallery so that its menu expands and select “Add Gallery/Images”.

Click on the TAB “Upload Zip File”.

In the window next to “or enter a Zip-File URL:” enter the location of your Zip file (ex.

Make sure “a new gallery” is selected from the drop-down menu (adding zip files to existing galleries doesn’t seem to work at this time)

Now select “Manage Gallery” from the Gallery Menu on the left.

You should see the title of the zip file you just uploaded.

Click on the name of your file to see your images.

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