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How To Add A Page in WordPress
(Add Menu Button)

Log In:

Log in to your site through the “Meta” widget on your homepage sidebar or by using your direct link to the admin pages (ex.

You are taken to the “Dashboard” where you will see menu items on the left.

Add A New Page:

Click on Pages (Also located on the top grey bar while looking at your site “Add New”)

Click on Add New

Under “Add New Page”, you will see a text box.  Enter a menu Title here (ex. Home, About, Contact Us,etc.) (make sure you have changed Settings in the left-hand menu and Permalinks to “Day and Name” for better SEO).

You can edit the Permalink (url) of your page underneath – after you enter the Title.  For better SEO, add your city name and keywords that help people search for your site/page through Google.

At the top of the gray bar on the right you will see tabs that say “Visual” and “HTML” – Make sure you are looking at the Visual tab.

Format Text:

Within the Grey Bar beneath, you will see many icons that might look familiar from word-processing programs.  Near the end of the icons on the right in the first row, find the icon with a bunch of mulit-colored squares. Click on this icon to expand the icons below (it’s called the kitchen sink)

Now you should see a second row of icons.

The first icon in the middle row is to Format the Size of text.  Use the drop-down arrow to see different formatting options.  Click and Drag over any text where you want to change the format.  Select Paragraph (default text size), Heading 1 (largest text size) to Heading 6 (smallest text size).

To change the color of your text, use the icon with the A underlined with a colored bar.  This is also a drop down menu.

Under the Grey Bar is a space to add text/copy for your page.

Once you are satisfied with your formatting, you may choose whether you want the page title to show at the top of your “body” (text/copy) for that page.  Look below the text/copy window to find Atahualpa Page Options and select the box “Check to NOT display the Body Title on Single Post or Static Pages” if you don’t want the title to appear at the top of your page.

Your visitors will know where they are because you have selected a theme option that uses a different color for the menu button when the visitor has landed on that page.  Pages that are not “top level” pages in the menu should be left unchecked in the Atahualpa Options.

Upload an Image / Picture:

You’ll see “Add Media” icon above the gray bar (below your title).
Click on it to upload pictures from your computer or insert a URL where a picture is located (can be on your website or on some other website).

If your image has already been resized for your website, use the alignment feature to choose left, center, right or none (left and right choices make the image “float” with text appearing next to it on the opposite side).

Choose “Link to” = none

Choose “Size” = select from drop-down menu

Click the “Insert Into Page” button

Update your page or choose the preview button to see how your image appears.

If you need to edit the image, go back into edit page.  Click on the image and choose the “Camera/Image” icon.  If the image is too large, choose a smaller percent size.  Here you can choose the alignment as well.  Leave the link set to none.

Publish / Save:

Next, choose where you would like this page to appear in the line of menu buttons.  Look to the right to find the Attributes window. In that window, you’ll find a drop-down window with options to select a “Parent Page”.  This will create a drop-down menu on your site under an existing menu button.

Still in the Attributes window, you will see the word “Order” and a text box underneath to add a number.  This is how your menu buttons will line up on your site from LEFT to RIGHT.  Use 0 to have the existing page show up as your first menu button.  Use higher numbers to show up in order reading left to right.  It is a good idea to use numbers like, 10,20,30,40 for each subsequent page in case you choose to add a page later that might land in the middle of two existing page menu buttons.  If your Home page is numbered as 0 and your About page is numbered at 10 and you decide later that you want to add a Mission statement in between the two, you can order it as 1-9 to fall in between on the menu and avoid renumbering the rest of your pages.

Next, look to the right and find the window titled Publish.  To make your page appear on your site, click the Publish/Save Button.  The status indicates whether your page is currently published or a draft.

You can also choose to set the page visibility as public, private or password protected.


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