How To Make A Table, Rows or Columns, On A Website Page – HTML

In WordPress, Copy the codes below to the body of a page by using the HTML Tab (located on the upper right of the text window).

Then, Click on the Visual Tab to enter images and text.  Dotted lines represent the table.  Insert your cursor in the table where you want your text or photos to show, then type or Upload/Insert your media/photos.

 <table><tbody><tr><td>&nbsp;</td><td>&nbsp;</td></tr></tbody></table> Wordpress 2 Column Table
 <table><tbody><tr><td>&nbsp;</td><td>&nbsp;</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td>&nbsp;<td></td></tr></tbody></table> Wordpress 2 Columns and 2 Rows Table
 <table><tbody><tr colspan=”3″><td></td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td><td>&nbsp;</td><td>&nbsp;</td></tr></tbody></table> Wordpress 1 Row Spans 3 Columns Table
 <table><tbody><tr><td>&nbsp;</td><td rowspan=”2″>&nbsp;</td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td></tr></tbody></table>  Wordpress Table 1 column spans 2 rows

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