How To Update Your WordPress Website, Themes and Plugins:

Before updating WordPress version software, BACKUP your files. (Wp-db-backup Plugin Needed or some other backup plugin)

In the dashboard, go to:
Tools, Backup, Click/Check available radio buttons on right (square boxes),

Select “Save to server” button, and Click “Backup now” button.
Once that is finished, DEACTIVATE ALL PLUGINS!!!!!!!!, then you can proceed to UPGRADE AUTOMATICALLY your version of WordPress.
Afterward, don’t forget to REACTIVATE all your plugins.

Always check your website’s appearance after you have taken these steps.

Troubleshooting:  If something has gone wrong in the process and your site no longer looks right, go back into your Dashboard and deactivate all your plugins.  Then, reactivate each one – one at a time – and check your site after each activation.  Usually, it is a plugin that is not compatible with the new version of WordPress that is causing the issue.

If you need to Update your Plugins:

Go to your “Plugins” page from the Dashboard Menu, Select all plugins that need updating and use the drop-down “Bulk Actions” menu above to select “Upgrade” and click the “Apply” button. You will be taken to a page that confirms all plugins have been upgraded.

If you need to Update your Theme:

You may want to deactivate all plugins (I have never had any trouble without deactivating, but you can’t be too careful).

Click on the Dashboard Menu “Dashboard” (all the way at the top of the left-hand menu). Click on “Updates”. Select the Theme you want to update and click Update/Apply.

ATAHUALPA 3.7.13 UPDATE HAS CAUSED SOME ISSUES THAT ARE EASILY RESOLVED BY GOING TO ATAHUALPA THEME OPTIONS THEN TO “Style and edit HEADER AREA” and click the “Save” button.  Do this also for the “Footer” and everything should be back to normal.

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