I just got the Dynamic Content Gallery Plugin to work with Atahualpa373. I had a conflict with the Lightbox Plugin and before the plugin was disabled, only a black box and “loading” image appeared. I used the php code for the gallery in Atahualpa’s index.php file and copied it directly after this code…

if (have_posts()) : $bfa_ata[‘postcount’] = 0; /* Postcount needed for option “XX first posts full posts, rest excerpts” */ ?>

Leave “Show Carousel” unchecked to leave the upper right-hand Title of the images out of the rotating images.

It is the best photo scrolling plugin I’ve seen for showing ONLY up to 9 photos. It can be resized to span your full website body and included on the homepage (this is where I have experimented) to act as a flash”y”, professional design. Enjoy!


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