Settings for adding the Dynamic Content Gallery to your homepage within WordPress using the Atahualpa theme.

Before you start, Add a Category of “Photos”

Click on Posts in your Dashboard, then Categories.  Under Add New Category / , type Photos and the same for the “slug” but in lowercase.  Then Save

Now you must make at least one post to this category for the category to show up in the Gallery Method Tab.

Go to Settings/Dynamic Content Gallery then use the tabs:

Javascript Options Tab:

Select Javascript framework (OPTIONAL):

          Use jQuery script. Select this option in the event of javascript conflicts with other plugins.

I have found that there is always a conflict with one of my photo plugins so I always do this first!

UN-CHECK This Option:

Show Carousel:
Check the box to display thumbnail Carousel. Default is CHECKED.

The above is a little title in the upper portion of the photo slideshow that is just a little ugly and unneeded.

Save Changes

Image Management Tab:

Check the Radio Button for

DCG Metabox requires the Image URL in this format:
Select this option if you want complete freedom to reference images anywhere in your site and in multiple locations.

Check the Radio Button for:

Complete freedom to select up to 9 images from a mix of categories. Set up the relevant options in MULTI OPTION Settings

 Save Changes

 Descriptions Tab:

The default of “manual” is fine here.  No changes needed.

Gallery CSS Tab:

Gallery size and CSS options (jQuery):

Depending on the size of your original photos, you may need to resize your photos to a smaller size.  The options listed here are vast and require a little knowledge of html or CSS.

Other Tabs:

The other tabs can be left in default states.


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