Plugins Used In This Tutorial:

  • Dynamic Content Gallery
  • Resize At Upload Plus
  • All-In-One Event Calendar
    1. This first video is how to check that your settings in Resize At Upload Plus match your Dynamic Content Gallery image sizes.
    2. Add an event with All-In-One Event Calendar which will be displayed in your “rotating pictures” with your Dynamic Content Gallery.
      Watch on YouTube for a clearer video. VIDEO

      1. Add the title
      2. Add a picture
        1. Upload
        2. Copy the file location
        3. Add Keywords for Google
        4. Insert into post (choose right-align and full-size image)
      3. Paste the file location (url) into the Dynamic Content Gallery Image Url
      4. Choose the Date and Time
      5. Give the Post an Expiration Date (UNLESS it is recurring)
      6. Select the Category (Events)
      7. Publish or Update (save)

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