Bluehost: IMAP Incoming / Outgoing Server Port Numbers

INCOMING Server Port Number: 143 (wihout SSL)

Other Mail Settings:

Username: Your full email address.

Password: The password for your email account.

Host: Your domain preceded by “mail.”, for example:


Without SSL: 143
With SSL: 993

OUTGOING Server Port Number: 26 (without SSL)

Many ISPs are now blocking port 25.  If you are unable to send email but are able to receive, you may need to change your outgoing SMTP server port to 26.


Email Programs Settings as described by Bluehost


To change the outgoing mail port from 25 to 26:

  1. Launch the Thunderbird mail client
  2. Drop down the Edit menu, and choose Account Settings
  3. Click Outgoing Server (SMTP)
  4. On the right hand side select the server to modify and click Edit
  5. Change the port number from 25 to 26
  6. Click OK
  7. Restart Thunderbird

Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express

To change the outgoing mail port from 25 to 26:

  1. In Outlook, drop down the Tools menu
  2. Choose Accounts or Email Accounts
  3. View or change existing e-mail accounts should be marked
  4. Click Next
  5. Select the account and click Change
  6. Select More Settings
  7. In Outlook Express, drop down the Tools menu
  8. Choose Accounts
  9. Select the account and click Properties
  10. Click on the Advanced tab
  11. Change the outgoing mail from port 25 to port 26
  12. Make sure that the box that says This connections requires a secure connection(SSL) is NOT checked
  13. Click OK
  14. Restart Outlook

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